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So the other day I was talking to a creator of Full Perms Mesh building kit items. They are wonderful tools for those that build houses and such, and wonderfully priced. But as we were talking, there came up the mention of phantom objects and the inability to link them to regular prims when building. This is why most builds you buy are sold with rezzers or bundled. But it seems Second Life has changed that, yes I know, they seem to always keep the special tools a secret lol.

Ok so here is the way to do it:

1. Create your build, or to test it like I did, just rez a floor and some walls.

2. Link them all together by selecting each item and then using the Link button in the edit panel.

3. Go into edit and then check the Edit linked box and select the pieces you want phantom. Ex: select one of the walls.

4. Change to the Features tab in edit and while you have the items selected, choose the drop down on the right that says Physics Shape Type, and change it to NONE.

5. Do a happy dance through the now phantom wall.

I love learning new things in Second Life, it used to be a daily event, not so much lately, but it is great how much you can learn here. Now this made Whimsy Winx very happy, as she is a great builder, and for anyone that has had to do the rezzer set up for builds, this makes it so much easier to do.

Speaking of Whimsy Winx…

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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