Legs Eleven BINGO

Leggings 1




Leggings Suede 2

Leggings Suede 1

Leggings Disco 2

Leggings Disco 1

Leggings Shine 1

Leggings Shine 2

Leggings Shine 3

I have been watching some incredible TV shows lately, the one I am watching right now is TOUCH, what an amazing show. The idea of course being that everyone and everything is connected in some way, it is an emotional roller coaster, you should all definitely watch it.

Another roller coaster ride, was definitely waiting for the latest release from Maitreya. Today it was all released, and well worth the wait, boots, skirts, jeans, and these incredible leggings with and without the added boots options.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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