Dear Bloggers

Dearest Bloggers,

This is going to sound ranty, and in some ways it is. I never thought I would ever do a post that was focused on bloggers and what they do, or in this case often don’t do. This has been festering for me now for at least two years, so it was today that the final straw was snapped so to speak. Now I know some of you may not agree with what I say about this, and that is ok, because if you do not agree then chances are it doesn’t apply to you.

The problem I have been noticing over the past two years, is that often I will see bloggers say such things as ‘ I am not going to do it because others have” or ” I didn’t get early access so I am not going ” or worse ” I didn’t get in early so I am not covering it ” and much worse ” I didn’t get sent anything so I will not blog about it “.

The examples are in regards to events that are run in Second Life, and though there are many blogs that do their utmost to make sure as many events as possible are covered, it is really off putting to see bloggers going out of their way to NOT do so. I do not know why you blog, I am not privy to that info unless it is information that you readily share, either through an about page, or possibly in a past post you have written. If your blog is a photography blog only, or if you don’t support the type of thing that the event is about – i.e Charity or Promotional – that is understandable, but if you want to have your blog be a place that your readers visit knowing they are getting as much as you are able to share with them as regularly as you can, maybe put that aside and consider that it may be something they do support or would want to know about.

When I started blogging in 06 there were only a handful of bloggers back then and there was also only ONE FEED! – shocking I know – and regardless of what was on it, and how often the same item or news or promotional poster appeared, we all had/have our own readers and making sure they saw the info if they only read my blog was important to me. As it should be to you, you should be so proud of your work you do on your blog, you should definitely believe in the fact that there are readers out there that ONLY read yours, or have you as one of the few they do read. Many won’t even know there are feeds, they may have found your blog and that is enough for them, so why would you want to not have them experience everything you know about Second Life and can share?

One of the biggest things about being a Second Life blogger also is that we tend to have a large learning curve in Second Life. Just like many designers, we have picked up tools and learned many things along the way, and often we want to share them with people. I mean isn’t it usually on a blog you learn about the easiest way to edit lashes, or………….

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