Violet the Dowager Countess of Grantham rocks my world




There are moments worth waiting for, and today’s hair is definitely one of them. That may seem over the top, but having been a hair fan since day one of landing in Second Life, there are definitely moments that stand out in hair creation. Today after my earlier post, Bryony said that she was going to try a Mesh viewer now, because she had been waiting her whole SLife for a braided hair that would move with her. I am so glad of that, that it happened for her, and she will get to grin with satisfaction that she held in there.

The hair I am wearing in this post, while I wasn’t exactly waiting for it, as in the style isn’t one I had hoped and dreamt about…it is rather the idea of it being something so beautiful and so totally in keeping with the creations of the designer thus far. The hair was actually inspired by the T.V Series Downton Abbey, which I actually stumbled across some months ago and managed to watch most of season one in two days. Even without having to go and look at images, I know how this hair came about, it is in my mind a mixture of Mary and Sybil with their fierce determination and innocence mixed together with passion and love. I adore this hair, because it may have taken years to get to, but it is now because of the brilliance of Mesh that is can be all that it is.

The dress I am wearing is also Mesh, such beautiful shaping around the breast area with this strapless cocktail dress, it fit me to perfection. The dress is actually two pieces of Mesh and once I found that out I UNLINKED and wore the top portion with another fabulous hybrid Mesh skirt to show that you can make this dress so versatile. The dress comes in so many other colours that you will find one to suit your style easily.

I am wearing items from Back to Black today as well, it starts on Saturday as mentioned in an earlier post. The Jewelry I have on are pieces from the event, and the delicate little heart chain is actually long at the back, which I love as a feature for necklaces. The gold necklace worn in the first pic is the Serenity Necklace, it has three discs that have the words Courage, Serenity and Wisdom on them…a beautiful and inspiring piece of Jewelry. The last necklace is the Hyperion with stunning pear work with chains and that divine heart in the centre. The back to Black event is definitely one worth taking the time to explore and shop at.

The nails I saw last night and bought a set for both Whimsy and I, these glitter nails are just gorgeous, the nailpolish is so realistic. There are beautiful colours in the HUD and the nailcovers are so well done, I didn’t even have to tint them at all which makes me so happy. Also a must mention is that I am wearing MESH Lashes, so be sure to look for them too, they are similar to the regular alpha based lashes, but seemed much easier to fit, and come with lots of options. I also must point out that bag, is that not a piece of art, it is so amazing and totally has to be Kill Bill inspired, it is brilliant, and comes in three different metals, also from the Back to Black event coming soon.

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