Today I attended a Firestorm class in world, it was mainly because I have found that my memory usage – in my processes tab of the task manager of my computer (ctrl shift esc ) runs at over 2.5 million, where as on the regular viewer it only runs at 700K. This is a huge difference and lead me to believe that it was because of all the bells and whistles that come with many of the Third Party Viewers. Apparently not though, as I found out at the meeting, many are suffering from Memory leak issues which they assured me would be fixed to their best ability in the next update…so fingers crossed.

Being an 80’s teen it was all about neon and glow as we called it mostly. I remember begging for glow socks from my Mum for ages, and she kept saying no because she thought they were silly. But then one night she came home with 4 different pairs for me, my Mum rocks so hard. The 80’s was a dangerous time for clothing, with a pair of scissors and some safety pins you could recreate a whole look into another look, and oh lord did many of us get into lots of trouble for doing that to our clothes lol. But fashion was definitely fun, and with some spray paint and netting you could be stylish and fabulous all over the place, you just needed the right inspiration and the perfect pair of kitten heels to pull it all together.

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