Aging better than fine wine

Sophie 1


Sophie 2



So February has started, and it is a short month, but this one is going to be huge. There are so many events this month it is going to be hard keeping track – lucky we have sites like the Second Life Events Calendar to keep track. From here on in everything is going to be busy this year, I can feel the shift in the universe coming…so hold on folks it is going to get choppy from here on in.

I am all Mesh love today, but I am also aging at an alarming rate, lucky I still get to look fabulous doing so. I have seen different variations of aged skins over the years, but this one shown today is seriously stunning. I had the feeling of looking at either Sasy much older, or if my own Mum was in world this is what she would look like as Sasy’s Mum, and that thought was really nice…so if you are wanting to age with grace this skins is definitely a must DEMO DEMO DEMO. The other is a newer skin from the same creator, and I think it is incredibly beautiful also, with different colour hair and brow options. I could not resist the red, and the soft freckles add on option, or you can go with more freckles as you do get both on tattoo layers.

Click HERE to read more at .


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