La La La Latex





I was all over the place yesterday. First off on a completely different side note, Daniel Voyager has started a NEW Group to help New Residents when they join Second Life. The Group is called Resident Greeters, so if you have interest in helping in this way, then please contact him to be added to the group. I have often gone to Help Islands over the years and tried to help out, but it is definitely exciting to be part of a group of like minded Residents that want to help New Residents adapt to Second Life and help them understand that what they have joined is something amazing.

Then after I got all that sorted out after logging in and finding the group invite way down the bottom of my popup things – has anyone else noticed that group invites are never at the top they seem to randomly slot in there, so if you do think you didn’t get it, and yet have 47 notices archived, check all of them, you may find it is there just hiding. Whimsy and did some more work on our latest collaboration build, we are excited to be part of the upcoming Crush on You Juicy event at the Malt Sim from the 10th of Feb to the 18th…it is shaping up to be so adorable which may or may not be biased, but I love it.

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