I’ll have the fish


Entente 1

Entente 2

Entente 3

Oh my goodness, I spent all night trying to sleep, and then ended up sleeping the day away…logged in to I don’t even know what that was, and then ended up realising I was late for an opening I had been invited to. So luckily they had extended the time and off I ran, taking snapshots along the way, and being really impressed with the overall layout and build structure. It is really well spaced out and nice to wander through, they may need to move things about once they add more items though, but all in all such a great first collection, and the prices are really reasonable. Men will be even happier, that for the most part this is a Male focused store so far, so make sure and encourage that to continue with your purchases.

Click HERE to

Sasypants.com .



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