Hamming it up

So the other day I was checking out a new store for What’s New SL, and got really very excited. You see, in Second Life there has always been a desire to have food items, and of course these are always fun to discover, especially when they are really well done. Well this store takes well done to a whole new level. You see while I was there I clicked on a demo model of the smoothie maker, the drop down appeared and it asked me to choose a flavour, I chose strawberry and kiwi. Then appearing in the blender were in fact, strawberries and kiwi pieces, and with a whirring sound it started up, and the fruit spun around and then milk appeared and BAM it all smoothed out and appeared in a glass, garnished with Kiwi and Strawberry.

I picked it up, and not only do you do a drinking animation, but your mouth puckers up and you hear a sound of slurping through a straw as you drink, and that was it, I knew that I had to take Whimsy there, she would love it. So a few days later we returned, and were lucky to have the owner there as well. We had a chat, and it was then that we were asked to try the demo models that I hadn’t seen the days before. You see this is not just food on a tray you take from, oh no, this is full on food creation, scripted pots and pans, and serving trays with place-mats and plates that the food appears on once cooked. It was honestly too hard to show you in pics only what this involves, this is genius scripting, and texture work done to create such beautiful meals, as well as text in chat – not shown – that really adds to the atmosphere of presenting to friends and family a beautifully orchestrated meal.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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