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Latex Girl





Awhile ago Mel and I were at Mesmerize doing some updating to my ballet boots, and the store was packed to the rafters. The amazing thing though, was that nearly every single girl there –  and I am not even exaggerating – was wearing the same dress.

I looked closer, and not exactly the same as in all wearing the same options, but as the dress has so many different ones, they were all wearing different variations, some of course had on the same parts, but mostly in different colour combinations. What was even more amazing was it was MESH, and yet I didn’t know about it, and as this was actually when there was only a few MESH items released, and we certainly were able to keep track. But this one, nope, never seen it before. I IM’d one of the women there, and she was kind enough to give me the details, three letters and I was off, because it was a store I have other items from including ballet boots.

What also amazed me, and this is truly something that more MESH creators have to look at doing, is that the pieces are seamless. They join together so well, that you would actually think this was one piece, but it is most definitely a skirt and a top piece worn together. I even had Whimsy come down and tell me where it joined together, and she couldn’t because even with default light settings, you cannot see it. I would love to see more designers do this kind of work, where you can mix and match within an outfit, it would be incredible, and imagine high-waisted mesh pants, that can also be worn as regular pants, or long legged and 3/4, it would be heaven.

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