Play Day



Is it just me, or has time slowed right down the last few days? Seriously I have had such incredibly full mornings, from my midnight onwards, and then when I think it should be lunchtime at least it is only 7am or so…but yay on getting lots and lots done.

Whimsy and I have been building, we built an item that will be part of next weeks Moody Mondays, which I am excited about, so stay tuned. Other than that though, blogging pics, and I did grab the new version of FRAPS, I went to use my older one the other day and it was crazy broken. If you have ever thought of doing Machinima FRAPS is an excellent deal, and updates forever, which is way cool at the price. I bought mine so long ago though, I had to log into an email addy I haven’t used in 5 years to find the password to their site lol.

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