I see you shiver with anticipation


The other day there was a lot of discussion about events, and ways in which people could know in advance when something was scheduled. Sanura Snowpaw decided to take matters into her own hands, and created the new Second Life Events Calendar. Now this is a great project, and will of course mean that Sanura is ours forever now, as she will have to manually add the events as they are submitted. The events that this covers are the annual and often quarterly events, as well as events that are more than a week and involve lots of people. This is not for people to promote their one day or hourly events, that is what the events category on the Second Life website is for.

Events such as Hair Fair – already locked in for 14th July to 29th, and things like skin fair, shoe fair, and so on. To submit an event you can go HERE , and just in case you get lost, or forget, I have added an advertisement to the side of this blog in case it is needed in the future. I hope you check it regularly, as it is a great tool not only for event organisers and bloggers, but also for those of you wanting to explore such events as often as they occur, as it is sometimes difficult to get the word out to everyone.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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