Apartment is Living

Due to What’s New SL, I am fortunate to get to stores I otherwise would not find. While I was there, I was ooohing and aaaaaahing constantly at the amazing builds that were available to view in a dome location. You get to tp to it from the actual store, which in itself is adorable. Whimsy has me hooked on houses, she changes hers usually every other week, and with all of the incredible events that happen throughout the year, I often amass great piles of furniture and home decor, which I just love to bits.

So with the help of Whimsy Winx and all of these great pieces, I was able to decorate a truly wonderful home. Often in SL I see the query about apartment living, and there are thousands of skyboxes around SL that some think fit that category. But when you see this build up close and personal, and I do encourage you to, you will see that this is definitely how apartment living should be.

While the outside is an illusion, there is no door, and you want to really believe in the ideal that you are only one of the apartments in the build, it is done in such a wonderful way. Also it is built high, so that the lower portion of the build will fit into any Terra-forming that you may not have control over, allowing for hills, and such, and one of the stand out things about the build, is that the beautiful trees come with.

FA - DEER - Outside

When you first rez the French Apartment, and it is so perfectly named, you will find that it is rezzed in a huge box, this is for privacy in the sky, it is not linked to the build, so you can of course delete it if you are setting up on land, or you could probably change the shape to a sphere and make it a dome surround, your choice. You will need to make your landing point inside of the apartment, as I said no doors – not outside anyway – so if not setting home, then definitely make a landmark, or maybe even hide a TP system in the trees for personal use.

As I said Whimsy and I furnished it together, and I just love it, so I will have to tidy up all the mess in the sky so I can save some prims lol. In the pics you can see each room from the foyer, which has double doors to show the pretend entrance. Now if you don’t want it to stay fake, the build is all mod, so you could in fact make those doors go to the outside and vice versa. The apartment is also copy, so don’t freak out if you make a mistake.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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