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Sometimes being at the other side of the world really sucks. I have been working my hours around SL time for so many years now, but lately just keep getting confused with not only my time, SL time, Mel time, Whimsy time, Ashia time and don’t forget that crazy Newdoll time where because of the poor cows, those crazy Queenslanders don’t even do daylight savings. So not only did I stuff up once this weekend, but two times, and the worst part of the second one was that it was the middle of my day.

So anyway there I was logging in ten minutes after the hour, instead of the fifty minutes early I thought I was. SIM FULL ! Bah Humbug. So all was not lost, or so I thought, when my powers of all knowing, all seeing, Blogger Girl came into play- heehee’s at the thought of Blogger Girl. So I tpd to the sim next door, also owned by the fabulous Modavia, and flew up to 2000ish metres – yes Modavia you can turn off flight but Blogger Girl has the madskills. So there I was hovering like I was new to SL in the air, with my draw distance up to 1000 – thank you Firestorm, cannot pretend that is a Blogger Girl skill, but knowing I needed to do it is :P. Alt click camming inside the big black build in the sky, and there were all the pretty peoples. It was then that I realised that the Miamai InMutatio fashion show, was as was promised going to be very different.

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