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There are so many wonderful Christmas items out and about at the moment. I was able to visit the Old Europe Winter Village earlier today, it was just amazing and you need sounds on to really appreciate it. I did try and take pics there, but had to do a whole new install of my SL because I don’t know what I did the other day taking pics but I managed to somehow make shadows on my av come out jagged but smooth on objects – baffling I know.

I am totally biased though when it comes to my favourite Christmas goodies, because watching someone you know create such amazing items out of thin air and their overly fun imagination always trumps. Such is the case with the Gingerbread items by Whimsy Winx. She created an amazing Gingerscape interactive scene with trees and cocoa cups and marshmallows, it is all so awesome. But for inside the home you can have the Ginger trees with speckles – they also come lightly sugared or without – and of course the Gingerbread Village tray, that when you click gives you a menu that you can pick snickerdoodles, cocoa or candycanes from lol. You can see them and try them at The Deck at her Mainstore too.

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