Meshing Well


Dainty 1

So did you notice I was missing? It is ok if you didn’t, but my apologies that I am so far behind now, even more so than I already was. It doesn’t take long to get behind in SL, there is so much incredible content spilling out all over the place, every minute of everyday. I have to wonder sometimes, do designers count? their releases I mean, over an amount of time…and I often see them also apologising for not releasing for a while, but what is acceptable, when in RL designers do collections based on Seasons. I remember when many in SL used to do that. Are you old enough to remember when a designer could take months to release? there wasn’t this constant weekly update thing. I remember I used to ache for hair, physically ache, because it would be so many weeks sometimes months between releases. Back then you actually had time to wear everything you bought lol.

Looking forward to the weekend because someone would be having an event, so you would actually spend a day or so scouring the feed ( OMG there was but ONE only) also running to the SL forums for new release notifications ( they were huge back in the day) and finally finding a dress/gown that you were in love with. Where did the events go? people have more land these days, and seem to do less with it, how odd is that. Also all the clubs and their themes, seriously if you were a savvy designer you would release something in lace, leather and red or black or a combo of both, or even all on a Thursday and make a mint, oldbies should laugh at that, because it is so true.

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