Modavia Fashion Week DAY ONE

This morning I was fortunate to be able to attend the Modavia Fashion Week Press Event. Now after the event I actually did stay for four more shows after that one, because not only was the event incredibly well produced…but after the teasers from the press show I had to see more. Whimsy and I sat in awe, watching the new seasons fashion sashay past us, incredible items of not only clothing, but brilliant accessories as well.

The colours were another huge influence in the lines, not much grayscale at all, just vivid colours and splashes of print and amazing displays of wool tweed looks. I tend to talk a lot at Fashion Shows, I am not sorry I do though. I think that it must be so incredibly stressful to be putting your work out there in public LIVE, and there not be any reaction to it at all, other than the occasional copy paste *claps*.

The Press event as stated was a teaser, a little bit of everything that is going to be featured over the next week. Believe me, if you are in any way shape or form not doing anything in the five or so hours every day this event is taking place, make the effort and attend at least one. The stores are great, the items are wow, and after each show the creations seen will be set out for sale in the Modavia Courtyard. So if your excuse – and seeing as I was there at 3am this morning onwards – is timezones, then you can at least check out the goodies at your leasure.

The Sneak Peak Pics:






The other really attention grabbing thing, was that there was a lovely assortment of Mens fashion. Each mens release I saw was well crafted, and definitely a great mix of style and classic pieces, mixed with some more urban looks.

La Gyo Pics:



La Gyo had us all oooing and aaaaing. For a start it must be nerve wrecking to be the first show off the runway. But they definitely lead us off to a fabulous start. The colours are divine, I was even loving purples in there. The combination of La Gyo Accessories with LG Concept clothing as just remarkable. The capelets and full on little hood looks, so divine. Blouses and system skirt overload, a true collection for the ever so elegant fashionista. Not to mention HATS, oh the hat love, I cannot wait to pair them all up with other things.

Chantkare Pics:



The moment the Chantkare release hit the floor I was thinking Madonna. Remembering when she married Guy and all the world was a twitter about her taking on Hunting and all the English nobility type la di da. So when you mix all the wool and tweed, with plaid and PONY Rings, and accessories, it is not such a leap to think of her taking it all to the runway…or some intensely awesome video clip. More beautiful hats, and that skirt and coat from the Modavia poster are just divine. Again just so you do not forget…PONY RINGS!

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