Stellar Ploomage

I have always said you learn something new everyday in Second Life. That is true, and often it is the things we expect are known all over; that are in fact usually the opposite. Example would be todays little Second Life Tier lesson. I have had a sim now – The Deck – for two years, and I will admit that for at least the first year I was an ignorant land owner. Which seeing as I have had my own 512 since 2006 is even worse, but I will let myself off the hook there seeing as I have that tier as part of my premium account perks.

Now it is pretty well known that I have worked for many in Second Life, and most of those people owned their own sims. But I must say learning by example is not always a good thing, especially when dealing with finances from different countries. My bosses of the past were always Americans up to the point of owning my own sim. So for them to ‘cash out’ was a simple process, especially in the days of doing so through Xstreet. But for me for years I had always cashed out from Xstreet to Paypal to Australia Bank to Credit Card. Then once I owned a sim I did the same and they would bill my CC.

If you are doing this too, whichever country you are from STOP RIGHT NOW. I was paying fees and currency exchange fees all over the damn place, but again this was my own ignorance, and my settling to believe that that was the one and only way. It isn’t, and seriously this is no ones fault, it is again just one of those things everything thinks everyone knows.

When you sell your Lindens via your account info on the Second Life main website, the money is converted to a US Dollar amount. Once that occurs STOP. The way linden labs at the time of this announcement lol, is that they go through your USD balance first and if all the money they need is there that is as far as they go. If your balance is lacking part of the money owed, only then do they go to your Credit Card or whatever money paying info you have provided them – this is why it is always a nice thing to pay your rent on time if renting from others, because if the lindens go to credit cards because there isn’t enough money in USD it can really effect the RL of your landlord, but that is another thing altogether.

So don’t be silly like I was for a year, once you have the USD balance all good and full enough to cover your tier leave it there, and if like me you see the linden is giving good money at other times, sell some of your lindens to up your USD balance, the money isn’t going anywhere as either USD or L’s.






Ok now on to the fashion. Firstly only two more full days of Hair Sale Yummyness…

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