Hair Fair 2011 – Tears for Fears


A bit of pic in pic today, just because I felt like playing with shadows and came across this wicked effect in the Firestorm settings. Ok so mentioning that, one of the new features for Firestorm is a little blogging miracle, or for anyone that likes to keep track of what they wore with what.

Ok so while that is cool and everything, it kind of pastes difficult to understand, or if you wear all layers etc it is still a lot of work cutting out what you don’t need. If like me you also have a system, I have a template I paste in each time and just fill in the slots…so for my needs it is handy to have and do later, but I fill in the blanks as I go.

The one very crucial thing for this to be painlessly awesome though, is that designers will need to start putting their names in front of every item, instead of in some cases just leaving that to the folder name. Also with a lot of symbols and abbreviations, it can be as complicated for the owner of the item to work out the real deal for the readers as it will be for you. A great start though, but please do start branding your items, I have mentioned the reasons this is gold in the past, but now it will definitely benefit you with this new feature.

Example of what is left once I remove the repeats etc:

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Hair Fair Slurls

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