Have you ever wondered what time period you would live in, if you were to travel back in time, or where born in another time. I remember being little and totally feeling that I should have lived somewhere between the 30’s and 60’s. I knew for certain that I wanted to be a doo wap girl – have no idea how to spell that, but you know the ones, the ones behind the lead singer doing all the back up vocals.

I also loved the fashion so much from those decades, even so far as the 20’s. But then wouldn’t being a teen in the 50’s or 60’s have been awesome too, I was obsessed with Gidget and Moondoggy, OMG he was so hot. Mind you that is just me being so Australian Americanised that I want everything to be like my favourite T.V shows. But then I also think about the fact that I adore bloomers, well pantaloons really, and all the layers and finery that comes with the era further back.

Can’t you just picture yourself in Gone with the Wind land lol. Trouble is I know nothing bout birthin no babies either, and as for the war, well no not interested. I kind of picture it being like Ever After with Drew Barrymore, but before the father dies, and when it is just him and her. Not terribly wealthy, but enough to not have to do anything really but be a Lady of the Court, oh and have someone tie up all my corset laces, because seriously, can you imagine having to do all that stuff yourself?

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