Diamond Spray







I had a Hair Fair meeting today, because it is getting close to the deadline for applying, so making sure that we were all on the same page was the agenda. Afterwards I ran around a bit, throwing some info at some stores that have popped up in the time since the last one to now. I checked out a few ‘out there’ stores and got a little bit sad thinking about the loss of Achariya to fashion blogging in SL. If you hadn’t heard, yesterday was her last post. Who is going to blog for the future Acha’s of SL? In the old days, it was her and Ashia that did most of the ‘out there’ fashion blogging, it was never a surprise to see one of them turning up in some fire breathing alien cyborg fetish panther suit, or as a pink bunny, you know, whatever tickled them for the day. Ashia stopped last year, and now Achariya, and I think it is more of a loss than most would even think.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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