Another Fundraiser II starts 26th March


Flair - Tahara Red Pic

Flair - Tahara Pink Pic

Flair - Tahara Colour Pic

Toooooooooooooooooooooooooomorrow Tomorrow I love ya tomoooorrrrroooowwww it’s only a day awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Sing it with me, because that is when Another Fundraiser II starts :). Ok so if you know me, or you have payed attention to me in the last however many years, you know that I am only ever shameless when it comes to Charity Stuffs, as in I usually don’t show my goodies, in more ways than one.

Today though I decided that my goodies are worth showing, and I wanted to also show other peoples goodies, but seeing as I don’t have permission, you will have to go look your own self HERE. My goodies are Mina mods with a little bit of Eloh, I wont tell you what bits because that would be TMI.

Ok so tomorrow is the Starting date of Another Fundraiser II and at 50L a pop there is going to be a lot of singing going on, because the items I have seen so far are OFF THE HOOK! – yeah I also talk like I am loaded with bling bling too – but anywho, you come you see you buy you love, it is all goodly. Also if you want to still participate you can, even if late, I don’t care, if I have the room you bring your goodies and we can have more goodies, YAY.

After midnight tonight look in search places and you will find it Another Fundraiser II or you can just look for us at The Deck.


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