Second Life Blogs! what, when, why?


What is it you like about blogs? Is flicking through them at a fast pace, and only pausing long enough to grab the details of something that catches you eye? Do you, like I do, actually hope to be stopped by words, some bit of insight into the mechanics behind choice, what drives the blogger to put together a look, what the blogger has to say?

Over the years I have learned many things from blogs and bloggers, other than the wonderful places to pick up an item that I would have otherwise not known about. I remember Sol Collumbia doing a post a thousand years ago about Ctrl 0 and Ctrl 9 it was sometime in 2007 and I remember running to Fiachra who makes Essentia Jewelry and worked with the smallest of prims he created, long before nanos existed, and told him of this amazing thing, it sure took a lot of strain off his neck and eyes.

The combination of Canimal and Caliah both doing windlight settings posts, that didn’t teach me how to make one, that I already knew, but it was through those posts that I learned the idea of saving them to move from viewer to viewer, because who knew back then we would even end up with third party viewers and have to shake it all about.

I myself did a post after all the hullaballoo about them stopping us from using SL in our blog names, or having to TM everytime we refered to something LL based, where I refered to LL as the Mothership and Second Life as Phils Place, which actually prompted Chic Aeon to change the name of her blog so that they couldn’t give her drama.

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