No Regrets


The other night, probably for the 100th if not more time, I had a flashback to a regret. The regret was not buying something in Second Life, that ended up being a limited edition item. For the nearly four years since as it was a 2007 item, I have remembered it fondly and jealously…wishing that I hadn’t hesitated, thinking that it would be around another time, I also wish I had read the bloody sign that obviously must have said ‘Jewelry Fair item only ” or something like that.

So rather than scream from a tall building I took the regret to plurk, asking others if they also had purchase regrets of things they ‘didn’t’ buy, thinking like I did that it would be around long enough to get it ‘later’. I plurked the regret, even finding an old blog post pic from Fashion Victim Blog and it was even more beautiful to me in pic form, but I had never actually forgotten it, or even for that matter made it shinier and prettyer in my memories, it was exactly as it was.

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