Deal Linden Labs, oh how I love you so, today you gave me a viewer that is working for me so far, and I am so excited with beta 2.5. But alas I have a complaint, more of a “WHAT THE?”

Profiles now go to browser, exciting right, the idea that you can google yours or someone elses avatar, or get it from the website I guess, whichever…but the downside is that for people that work like I do, when right clicking a notecard to get the creator, to then click their name so you can IM them or grab profile to pay them or drop an item on them NOOOO, you get webpage thing, or even worse something that says your handshake didn’t connect, well darn. So I had to actually search in the search section by name and then again same thing can’t get the regular profile, so had to open their IM to pay or pass, which leads to if they use viewers that do that, I know you are IMing me thing, your exposed to an IM you may not want to have at all.

Anyway I still love you when you make little mistakes…

On another note HUGE LOVE goes out to Flight Centre in Australia, for really coming together to help the flood victims, I have it on good authority that not only have they pledged two million, but also ten bucks from every single flight booked will go to help. They have many of their own staff up there struggling and have really gone all out to support and help, flight centre gets my vote as agency to travel with forever more.

Click HERE to read more at .



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