Help Voshie Help Kajsa

Those of you that know Voshie Paine will know that she has been overwhelmed in RL with the illness of her housemates daughter, and rightly so. She is holding a fundraiser to help this family in need, and you can also help by participating as a creator, or donating to the cause…here are her words and info.



On Tuesday, December 28th, I had to rush to the hospital with my room-mate's daughter.  She had a temperature of 106F.
After a couple hours of waiting, I found out that they would be keeping Kajsa overnight to run more tests.  Her dad arrived,
and I was able to go back home while they kept vigil over Kajsa.  The next day, I waited anxiously to hear news from them, 
and finally when evening rolled around, I decided to give the hospital a call.  It turned out that lil Kajsa had been diagnosed
with Pre-B ALL Leukemia.  

Needless to say the news hit everyone hard, and we have been reeling from shock, but it hit her parents hardest.  Their soon
to be 3 year old, has just been diagnosed with one of those diseases that you dread as a parent.  Not only do they have to stay
strong for Kajsa, and their other daughter, but they also must cope financially somehow.  

Fortunately (the hope we must cling to), the doctors said that since they caught it early, that as long as she responds to treatment,
they are giving Kajsa a 90-95% chance of recovery.  However, the treatment will last approximately 4 years, where Kajsa will have to 
undergo intensive chemo treatments. In an effort to do -something- for the family, I asked and gained permission to seek out ways to 
raise money to help them, while they concentrate on Kajsa.

I am currently organizing a fundraiser (Your Second Childhood, with child-LIKE items/themed items on offer) to benefit Kajsa and her 
family, where all money received will go directly to them.  

There are several ways in which you may participate:

1. As a designer, you may 
    a.  Set up a vendor at your shop with a split script with a percentage going to Kajsa and her family.
    b.  Set up an exclusive item at the event venue with a split script, with a percentage again going to Kajsa and her family.

2.  General public
    a.  Support your participating designers in purchasing an item designated to this fundraiser.
    b.  Make a direct donation to the donation boxes.
    c.  Keep Kajsa and her family in your thoughts.
    d.  Support your local cancer research charities, by whatever means works for you.

If you would like to participate in any way, please feel free to contact me inworld, Voshie Paine.

On behalf of Kajsa's family, thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all your support.

Voshie Paine

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