Vive la différence!

Sluicide Girls


If it was morning and I was drinking something or eating something, I would have totally snorted. But it isn’t and I am not, so I just had to chuckle, read all the crapolla and decide for myself, ‘if I take a pic without permission and change it so much it’s only partially recognisable, even though I know some of the people in it, and I am doing it for them, will I get in trouble?” looks all doe eyed at those involved, bats my Diva lashes and says ‘ vive la différence!.

Then once I established that I would remove it later if an issue, just so that you could all know about it, then all was good down here, plus YOU CAN”T CATCH MEEEEEEEE.

I admire what they are about to embark on, I will also sit back and enjoy the carry on…will I hope that there is no ill will and bad intentions towards others, YUP…but I think those that think that that is the case may need to just go about their own business.

The up coming SLuicide Girls blog reminds me of some incredible blogs we have lost over the years, and I for one see a real need for this kind of blog, because somewhere something got lost in the blogosphere in the past year or so.

Good luck girls and who knows maybe one day boys…. add them to your blogroll people, you know you want to.


5 thoughts on “Vive la différence!

  1. ok, I admit, I had a split second of “heyyy you can’t do that…” and then I came to my senses! (omg am I that predictable?)

    Thanks for your support here; we have been really looking forward to the launch of this blog for a few weeks now and it’s great to get such a positive reaction from people. We were absolutely squealing with delight yesterday when we went public. Uh, I mean, the other girls were squealing with delight and I was standing by with a very serious stern look on my face 😉

    Miss Tress (aka Elysium Eilde)

  2. This is amazing! We are so excited by the response and we can’t wait to see the reaction to actual blog posts lol

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