Give me a Glitch

Glitch One

Glitch two

Glitch Three

Glitch Four

Over the years I have heard EVERY single excuse for not making Glitch layers there is….inserts fingers in ears lalalalalalalalala.No seriously, there has been situations where if it was possible to throw down and do that thing like the sims where you end up a ball of dust as you wreste it out, that would have happened too. Customers don’t care if you think they are pretty or not, make them as pretty as you can, but please provide them. This was going to be a hard post to write with examples, because I do not want to point out flaws on items that either aren’t real, or have no real baring on the post…so to show you what I meant, I would either have to suddenly know how to make clothing hee hee, or use items that no longer are available.

It was an easy choice who to go with on the not available, as not only are they still so pretty and have the perfect examples almost of what I need, but they also have truly wonderful glitch pants lol. IMPORTANT : I need you to imagine in most cases though that the flexi may be sculptie, these clothes are older than sculpts as they are original Dazzle items. But my main issue with no glitch is when sculpted at least part of the time, your prims are not visible at all, so please bare that in mind.

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