SL Stock Images Group on Flickr

Matriarch_003 SL Stock Images Group




A long while ago I was inspired by Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion, to make a Flickr Group. So what is so different about this Flickr Group than others you may ask? Well it is called SL Stock Images, which might actually give you a clue of its purpose. The reason it was inspired by Cajsa, is that she is one of those bloggers that can find the most amazing of locations to shoot her images, and actually compiles a notecard, which she updates often, and sends out to the other blogger groups. But when “I” – this is one of those moments you want to make the word I bigger than it is – try and shoot on location, I can never find the right looking sim, or get my lighting sorted, or not crash a million times, or just everything works against me, that hours go by and I just end up tping back to my VR Studio and taking all my pics there and working on them in PS.

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