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I watched an incredible movie the other day, the idea was that you got to know exactly when you would fall in love with your soul mate. The movie is called timer, and you would think it would be straight forward and all that, but it was amazing the different things that could go wrong, or right as the case may be. What would it change in you ? the idea of knowing that something had a timer on it, wealth, happiness, love…would you be reckless until then? would you be a lazy moo and do nothing lol. All interesting thoughts really, fun film, you should watch it if you see it around.

Speaking of movies, Whimsy and I went to the unveiling of Harbinger last night, it is the latest movie by Phaylen Fairchild, and it is a totally different direction than Divas. This movie was scary, unfortunatly since last night it has gone private on YouTube, but probably just for some last minute editing. So you should look it up when you have a moment and want to be scared out of your wits.

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