Happy Anniversary Beulah



First off seeing as I am so slack and did not participate in the actual request…I wanted to aknowledge that it is the one year anniversary of Beulah Mills blog One thing at a time. A year is a huge achievement for any and all bloggers, it is that milestone that carries you into the nostalgic transition phase. You will question the way you blog, how you represent your blog, and what it is that you want to say or do with your blog. Beulah has always represented herself as one classy lady, the Manager of Ivalde and a very professional person. I have had dealings with her over the years both work related, blog related and more recently friend related…though we don’t talk that often, she is always so kind, and really lovely to know, and an incredible right arm for her Boss, with whom she is loyal like crazy for. Happy Anniversary Beulah and I hope that you see many more.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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