I had an awesome night tonight, first off tping around different places with Newdoll and Whimsy. It was like old times, we were just missing Ashia and Justice, hopefully next time. We ran by the Artilleri SALE, making lots of OH NO SHE ISN’T sounds to eachother in skype, about items that are going to be discontinued. The upside is that it means more room for newness, and as we had most of everything, we are excited.

If you have some alts in need of a make over, now is the time though, 60L skins and all of the clothing is around that price too, male stuff also. I was excited about what I was going to post today, due to the new poses out by aDORKable, not only did they nail the sorts of sets that always are a much needed style, but they are including mirrors of every pose from now on, and even going back to change older ones. The fun that can be had with mirror poses is awesome, and even though they have been around before in other stores, they are the first to my knowledge to include them at no extra charge, so thats more bang for your buck WOOHOO.

Click HERE to read more at .



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