Rooti Tooti Fresh and Frooti








In many of my posts, especially my early on ones, everything started with the hair. I love Second Life hair, I think that even though I started just after flexi was created, it has always been my favourite item of all things.The styles, the colours, the techniques, how they have changed over the years, what was popular once faded out, and then can turn around and become ever so popular again. The sculpties put us back into static hair mode, and when flexi mesh sculpts come about, the whole world will change again.

Lucky for us Elikapeka Tiramisu is back, and back in a huge way. Elikatira her new brand opened it’s doors quietly on the weekend, no fanfare or fuss, it was not needed, because as soon as the wind carried the message that she was open they came in droves. Many will remember the old between builds times with ETD, sitting on the side sims waiting for her to open, trying to cam in and get a sneak peak.

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