Fly with Me


Some incredibly talented Actors passed away this week, Mrs Cleaver and Mr Cunningham, that would probably be their better known roles. Leave it to Beaver wasn’t as big a show down here, but Happy Days growing up was everything, the shows younger characters were awesome, but my fondest moments are the parenting ones, Mr Cunningham and Richie after hours at the Hardware store, how Fonzie looked up to him even though he would play it so cool…and the famous to me Joanie and the peanut butter jar scene with her mum talking over boys.

I know they were just acting the written word, but you have to wonder if they knew how much they moved people. Anyways, they are admired from all over, and it makes me teary to think of them as passing. Onto other things, Whimsy Winx also won a speed building award this week, woot.

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