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I am listening to The Veronica’s and at my age, having been such a die hard Archie Comic fan, I cannot help but always question the name. It happens all the time, same if someone called themselves The Betty’s I would wonder what kind of women they believe themselves to be. Overthinking it all I am so sure, but until there is a jugheads to laugh at, this is what I will continue to do.

It is funny though don’t you think, how much of our childhood ends up being what melts our brains as adults. I remember once having a screaming row with an ex flatmate about golden books, because she was being taught at some childcare school, that they were bad for children, and yet, we were raised on them fine. There are also these weird so called ‘complex’s’ or maybe I am wrong with the label, but something to do with Cinderella, and how women always want to live happily ever after, but because you never know, what actually happened it has effected how women go on with relationships as adults – is your brain melting yet ? – seriously though I remember seeing in the last few years that they did a Cinderella TWO and I went OMG what will all the shrinks blame stuff on now?

So yesterday Whimsy was probing my flickr and blog, looking for a skirt we both have, she couldn’t remember the name of it, and she decided that while she was there, she would leave random comments. So today when checking my flickr I came across one and thought damn I love that skin. Mind you I saw that about nearly every skin you ever see me in, and I do, I cannot help it, I either love it on myself and cannot help but cam on me all day while wearing it – you know you do that too – or else I love what the skin is, as a whole, not just on me, but the whole concept of it. There are even skins that don’t look great on me that I love.

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