It isn’t beans on toast but equally yummy


I saw the release notice and squeeled, then later that night when I was able to off I went dragging Newdoll along with me.While we were there trying on demos, we were nattering away about different things, Hair Fair and upcoming events, such as Shoe Fair. It is an incredible amount of charity work that is done by Second Life residents each year, truly amazing, and yet we never seem to get the press for it ? why is that I wonder? not sensational enough maybe?

Then we tpd back to The Deck, and I gave Newdolly a crash course in Kirstens Viewer, it is a bit less daunting than the regular 2.1 in so much as you are able to get rid of that sidebar if you wish, or only open your inventory as usual. I prefer it because it gives shadows of perfection, due to Kirsten taking the time to develop for ATI cards. The most recent upgrade has also included the amazing new layer options. Which I was meant to go into the other night, and truly forgot to explain that was what I was using to allow me to have two tattoo’s on at the same time, which until 2.1 regular and Kirstens you could not do.

But it doesn’t stop with tattoo’s, you are able to now add up to 5 different options on the same layer. Now it is getting tricky, and you have to unlearn everything you have trained in wearing clothes up until now lol. With the new system it is a return to dressing as we do in RL not SL. Think in terms of layering RL, you cannot put on layers that go under, after the fact. Also there are two dressing options, wear or add. Wear is as usual the one that just replaces what you already have on, with new.

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2 thoughts on “It isn’t beans on toast but equally yummy

  1. Wonderful blog post as always. I have hear of this viewer along with so many others and to worried to change from the old LL . Might try this though as you recommend it

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