Living Dead Doll


I was so distracted today, one of my favourite ways to get sidetracked is to look through the flickr group Second Life Bloggers of Fashion. I love that group, not just because I made it lol, but because there are so many bloggers that I did not know about before joining all the time. I am glad they find it, because often I get shy about inviting to add pics which is totally bizarre for me – if it wasn’t my group I would have no issue with it lol.

Fia is trying to distract me now with talk of cinnamon buns, meany. But that is ok, I had rice pudding with cinnamon tonight, so I am fully satisfied. Americans have this crazy thing for cinnamon, I have never seen so many cinnamon things ever. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, tic tacs and mentos, and I even have cinnamon toothpaste I brought back to prove to friends I wasn’t making it up, because NO ONE would have believed me. I remember when red gum came to Australia in the 70’s it was like chilli gum it was so firey, and I just don’t really understand the altoids obsession, are they mints ? and if so, why do you have cinnamon ones? someone needs to explain this to me.

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