Candy Candy Candy




I remember when I was a teen flapping at an all floral outfit my mum was about to wear out. Mind you when I was that age I only ever wore black. But the flapping was more to do with the fact that the outfit was neck to wrist, and then to ankle floral. It was so bad, there were all sorts of whiney noises made about it, so she did end up changing. It wasn’t the print that was the problem, it was HOW MUCH print. It was also a full skirt, so yeah way too much. I convinced her to do a full skirt in solid and then the top, or vice versa, but not both together, and that is how she ended up working that outfit from then on.

The funniest part of that memory is that my fashion sense comes from her, but that day I think she lost her marbles…that and the fact that it was the 80’s and fashion for the 40 somethings then, was a little hit and miss. This floral print if that large and long would need to be broken up as well, but as it is a mini, the bright colours and fun style, make it perfect for summer lunches and fun days in the sun.

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