One Night in Bangkok


Ok so remember when you were new? when outfits were worn straight out of the box – and yes that still does happen, and I as much as the next person do it, but shhh I am telling a story :P. But then we grow and adapt, and we start to see things for their pieces as much as the whole story created by the designer. Or even if we don’t break down the pieces, we see more than one or two possibilities emerge. Often that is what blogging is for, to share an idea, to show the possibilities. Even if a design has appeared before your eyes in the past, someone may just captivate you with their way.

That is why many of us blog, I know it is why I do, and I know it is why my friends do. Often time restraints and backed up inventory cause us to show as is, add some accessories and done. It may be more about the skin, or hair, or shoes. So many things can come up, and there are often not enough hours in the day…but try as we may, we want you to see what we see. That spark of interest that made us want to jump up on a pose stand and take numerous shots, crop, splice and dice and then present them however we can, so that you may just be excited with us.

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