Home Expo RFL

2010 HGAP Expo Sim MAP

Home Expo has just started and the sims are layed out with enticing builds and products available, each booth having a RFL item apparent.

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Home Expo 2010 Exhbitor List

Name / Business Name / Space Number

Felicity Sneerwell A Take on Simplicity 23
Aya Liotta abode 72
Desiree Bisiani Ambiance Interactive Furnishings 10
Webby Merlin Angel Beach 43
Stormy McAllister Another Man’s Treasure 51
Fatima Ur Antique Artistry 67
Callirhoe Ballyhoo Ballyhoo 512 Homes 37
Jeremey Ryan – Homes Barefoot Prefab Homes 75
Barnesworth Anubis barnesworth anubis [ba] 18
mainit Hellman [Baustein] 38
Bella Bertone BellaRose 32
Leyla Firefly Belle Belle 33
Belle Loll Belle’s Happy Birthday, Rez Day, Party & Seasonal Store 9
Aisuru Rieko Beloved Custom Designs 12
Zedellbee Zuhal blonde* 30
Bluto Brando Brando Construction 24
Nikki Brennan & LaDonna UpShaw Brennan Homes – Sweet Romance Furniture 17
Cherelle Capra C&D Designs 78
Canolli Capalini Capalini Fine Furnishings 4
Paige Raven Cozy Homes 42
Julia Hathor Creative Fantasy Home & Garden 16
Rogan Diesel Diesel Works 46
Sam Portocarrero Dominion Homes 76
Xadie Katscher Forbidden Thorn Interiors 3
Robert Galland Galland Homes 6
Mamap Beerbaum Garden Oasis 57
Kristina Simon Garden of Dreams 39
Ginger Lyne GLD Homes 42b
Dakota Neumann GOL DESIGN 14
Marmottina Taurog Green and Wild Garden Centre and Landscaping 26
Peter Stindberg GREENE concept 11
Gumi Yao Gumi’s Flower Shop 84
Mash Mandala Home Depoz 29
Bracken Back Homes by B&S Designs 52
Cristalle Karami House of Cristalle Low Prim Prefab Houses 71
Kira Spaatz Houses for You 61
Neveah Niu Jaded Modern Designs, Inc 83
Kristoffer Juneau JJ Lane’s Furnishings 66
JL Zinner JLZ Home 41
Joyus Sohl Joyus Living 15
Julez Odigaunt Julia Collection 55
Naku Nishi Kabuki Creations 63
Keanu Kharg Khargo 60
Cierra Anatine Kismet 27
Amaliscious Destiny La’Licious Designs 25
Suzi Rosca Lazy Dayz Furniture 45
Petronilla Whitfield Lilleshall Luxury Low Prim Furniture 80
Sesi & Winston Ackland Little Boxes 59
Mac Illios Mac’s Original 85
Veekay Navarathna Medley Estates 40
Tegan Sideshow Modest House 73
Mo Miasma Morantique 1
Rayvn Hynes MudHoney Designs 31
Piedras Chama Natural Fantasies 49
Aki Shichiroji Organica 68
Callie Cline Pampered Pets 19
Lehlah Karu Petals on the Wind Home Boutique & Garden 65
Carter Denja Pocket Gardens 13
Eladon Galsworthy Pondlife 81
Prim Perfect Prim Perfect & Designing Worlds 79
Winona Wiefel & Reven Rosca Prime Furniture 82
Susan Ramos Ramos Designs 56
Rawly Rousselot Rousselot Construction 69
Resje Bailey Sacred Flame Weddings 2
Marcel Flatley Sampireun Design – Low prim furniture 50
Charlotte Bartlett Scarlet Creative 7
Elle Kirshner Second Spaces Furniture & Accessories 20
ShamelessTrouble Bing Shameless Bits 28
Soliel Snook Snook’s Garden Centre & Giverny 21
Sofia Standish Sofia’s 53
Sonya Haight Southern Comfort Furniture & Homes 36
Honeydew Lake Splash Out 47
Sam Portocarrero Sprout 77
Serina Juran Stones of Heaven 44
Hailie Callisto StoneWood Homes & Interiors 34
Nephre Nefarious The Higher Spectrum 5
Incanus Merlin The Incwell 70
Bethany Heart & Colleen Desmoulins The Loft 22
Laufey Markstein Trident 54
Dellybean North True North Designs 62
Turnip Sorbet Turnip’s™ Homes and Stuff 48
pitsch Parx UrbaniZeD 35
Nika Dreamscape Wine And Roses 8
Poppet McGimsie Wunderbar 74
Xenius Revere Xen Style 64


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