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I am blessed every day, I have met the most amazing people through Second Life, some may not be as close to me as others but everyone of them holds a part of my heart. The ones that I spend most days with you all know of by name by now I am sure, I mention all of them so regularly that I hope you have come to realise already what they mean to me.

This post didn’t start out to be a YAY my Friends ROCK! post, but as I was uploading and looking over the pictures that I did tonight, I realised how much influence they have over my everyday, and especially my blogging. For a start they are all so incredibly talented, Mel with his creations and just overall knowledge on everything, he is a walking wiki, he is my heart and every day I get to spend time with him is magical even if he did call me screwby doo today – I have a random scooby laugh, but I swear he was saying I was nuts :P.

Fiachra and his beautiful jewelry, he has always been an incredible part of SL I don’t think I would have gotten through so many big changes without him… and his mind, which is very similar to Mels, so between the both of them I feel like a pinball at times; donking from one side to the other and TILT!

Ashia and Justice and their different way of looking at Second Life, their artistic passions that can range from the flowery and fluttery to the dark and bloody.

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