United Colours Of ….

All Girls Love

Do you remember those United Colours of Benetton ads? They hit the airwaves mid 80’s for us down under, and we were all besotted by their diversity and wow factor. I mean that was the point right, to show the diversity in the world and the fact that their brand saw that there was a need to show everyone in advertising campaigns, example here .

There is girly girl in all of us, even those girls that think they don’t have any in them. When Emma Gilmour was talking about her latest big release, there was giggles as we spoke about that surfer girl mumbling and grumbling as on her hands and knees she had to rummage in their closets for a dress and proper shoes to attend some party or dance she didn’t want to go to in the first place.

She is kidding herself of course, because that dance/party is going to be the one were the boy she has loved forever finally looks at her as a girl and not just one of the boys. It will be her first kiss as waves crash down as the moon returns to the other side of the world…it is going to be that night, the night she realises why women buy pretty lingerie and shave their legs other than being aerodynamic for sports lol.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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