No Race Day


I love What’s New SL Group, biased maybe, but today I got to feature some people that I have explored as stores due to the group. What I love more though, is when people provide all info in notices…that’s what What’s New SL was mainly set up for…but when it actually happens, it is very cool. Such as sending all landmarks to different locations so that if I happen to be intending to go to one location and get a notice for a store there, I can pop into it while already there, yes that means updating satelites locations, but it is due to those that many of us find your mains anyway.

Rant, Rant, Rant…

It isn’t a race, I cannot be the only one that is out shopping ; hears that there is a new release by a certain store, and knows they have a smaller store where I am, run or cam over to see items that are six months old if not older, then just gets sadface. Yeah getting ranty, but seriously you people pay to have these locations represent your product, so why not set up newness at all your spots THEN send the notice ? in RL it is a lot harder to do that but they do, so why in SL where it takes ten seconds to tp to the other side of the grid would you not ?

Rant, Rant, Rant…

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