Fake Bottom


So I have this dream this morning, that if I broke it down, I could attribute to the whole week in Second Life. The main theme was that I was late for a wedding, in which I was in the wedding party – seeing as I did a post wearing a wedding gown, it is lucky I didn’t dream I was the bride. So anywho, we were in the car on the way finally, with only 15 mins to get there, and I realised while putting on my shoes – yes everything that could go wrong did go wrong – that the shoes I grabbed were brown suede, actual shoes I have RL in storage as a matter of fact, so that was funny.

So there is me screeching to the driver, a good friend not a chauffer , that we had to go back …she did a uturn and we ended up about a block from my house – house I haven’t lived in since 1993- and she pulled over to answer her cell phone “damn you cougar town ‘ so I jumped out and ran blah blah blah …

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