Grape Ape kicks Barneys bum




Ok so I am in the sin bin for a week. The punishment is that I have to wear something purple in every single post. Now purple lovers don’t get all persnickety, I have an issue with one particular purple, not all…it’s just become such a thing for me, that I tend to shy away from most automatically now. I had a purple coloured room, and my best friend growing up loved it, it was such an 80’s teen girl thing for sure.

So I never had a problem with it, I also love plums and the shades that vary throughout the purple spectrum, but I hate one particular purple and it is because it has a violent memory spark attached to it for me. So when I say I don’t like it, don’t misunderstand me, it isn’t a hate for the colour, it is really a hate for the memory. So Ashia 😛 this isn’t really a punishment *grins*.

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