Girly Girl


I am a city girl, and I am staying that way. Lately I have seen a lot of very casual releases from stores, like so casual it has been stressing me out. Is it trend ? is it what is being seen in fashion mags, or T.V ? or is it just simply just that people have given up on dressing up ?

I have literally sat on my bed RL in tears on a Sunday morning around the mid 90’s , because I have realised I don’t have a damn thing to wear to a christening. All of my clothing was going out wear, or business/work attire, I just didn’t do day time – I was usually not awake – that day after sending my boyfriend (then) around the bend, had to resort to mums wardrobe for at least a dressy shirty/sweatery thing of some kind that wasn’t black.

Don’t get me wrong, I like jeans and shirts and items of that kind in SL too, but we seem to have them coming from all directions. They are nice to throw on once in a while, but they will never be an only choice for me.

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