Viewer 2

STOP and Breathe, it really will be ok.

Today marks the day many have been waiting for, Second Life Viewer 2.0 – or whatever version they end up releasing, either way it will start with a 2.

I am really not entirely sure where to start with this post, but I did want to try and help out a little in the understanding of the new viewer.

For me the first place I needed to go was inventory, and this will take some getting used to. But lets try and visit as much as we can, it really is a whole new world.

Picture One
First Picture :


Home Tab:

This is going to be more useful for New Residents, but also handy to have some of the major website links used for Second Life on hand in your viewer.

* Destination Guide : Listings for Hot Spots and Popular Places around the Grid.

* World Map : An easier reference to the World Map with easy interface.

* My Appearance : This takes you to Appearance Editor – not to be confused with Appearance Mode. With two tabs for My Oufits and Worn – we will go into that in a sec.

* My Dashboard : A short cut in world to your accounts pages on the Main Website. You will still have to sign in, but it will help people get a better understanding of how their account info is handled.

* Quick Start Guide : takes you to the Second Life Wiki Pages.

Profile Tab :

This is everything that your regular profile has. Though things have been moved around and are more in your face than in the past.

You have your Second Life picture at the top, with description beside it as would be your first page on regular profile. Then directly under it is your Real World picture and info, so there is no getting around see the both of those together.

Also includes a ‘homepage’ area for your websites , xstreet page etc…having this easier to access than from previous webtab page.

Partner name is directly under that and is clickable to visit their profile. The one startling thing about this viewer is that profiles are not separate boxes, that means no more minimising a profile to save for a few hours later to shop etc.

It also makes sending multiple people items complicated as you do need to open a second inventory to pull from. If you find that you do not have a picks tab when using Profile, then either right click your body and select my profile that way, or press the save changes button at the bottom of your profile to kick it into place.

People Tab :

*Nearby : Shows all avatars in your immediate area.

Click HERE to read more at .



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