AO Tutorial – Second Life

This is how I make my AO’s and how I have guided others in the past. This tutorial was supposed to have been done ages ago, but I could never get around to it until now.

The new VR Studio has made it an even easier method now with the new libraries, as in the past I would have had to do so with lots of stands. This is how I do it… and is just a suggestion as to how you can make your own unique to you AO by combining the animations and existing AO’s you may already have.

* Firstly rez all the AO’s you have in your inventory. see pic 1

Get all your ao's together to unpack

As you may know already I love to shoot AO’s for fashion posts etc, so I have a lot of them as sometimes it can be financially viable to buy an ao and get lots of pics out of one animation, than to buy single poses.

* Unpack all the AO’s you have now rezzed on the ground. see pic 2

Click HERE to read more at .



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