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Wow so I had all of this waiting to publish on friday your time, and I was so ahead of myself that I went to catch up on some sleep. Five days later I am back, yay for internet outtages, I seriously was losing my mind, there is so much that we take for granted with our computers, I thought oh well at least I can do some other work, but everything I have is bundled up online, it was true torture.

Since I was gone though Cajsa Lilliehook a fabulous blogger, and an incredibly warm and passionate woman did a bloggers challenge and included me as part of it, I am so proud and so honored to have someone that I admire write such beautiful things about me. I was over thinking SL while I was absent, and overwhelmed on my return, five days and many many pages of offlines in email can do that. But to come back to something so lovely, I will cherish it, thank you Cajsa <3.

When you have your bestest friends, it never matters about having the same things. It can happen so randomly too, even without shopping together. One of my bestest friends and I went to different highschools, but of course school formal was around the same time – that’s your prom – I went shopping with my Mum hours away from where we lived, and she went shopping with her dad in town. Yet even with all that working against us, we ended up with the same gowns, mine black hers baby pink.

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