Urbangerie ( undies you can kick bum in – I made it up don’t steal it )


What have you been up to lately? blogging feels so one sided sometimes.I hope everyone is making plans for the upcoming smooshy face holiday. Is it a holiday in the U.S ? we have so many public ones here in Australia, but I swear everytime I turn around we are spending weeks getting ready for something…it feels like Halloween was only a few weeks ago, not months.

The great thing about Valentines Day is that everyone gets a chance to complain, I mean seriously it’s either someone complaining about their partner won’t do a damn thing, or complaining how hard it is to buy for someone, or complaining about not having anyone to buy something for and so on. I mean it IS a Hallmark holiday after all. Pfft Valentines Day doesn’t only have to be about you and a lover/partner why can it not be about all you love?

I love Second Life, so besides Mel and everyone else in my life, I think a big smooshyface kissy kissy should go out to SL this year. I mean what’s not to love, the fact that we have everything at our fingertips is pretty darn awesome. One thing that is mahhhhhhhhhvelous dahlings, is that we have such a mixed range of fashion. The range exceeds that of RL in many ways, besides the obvious fancy etc, the one thing that often captivates me is the urban kind if street wear that is bordering on drop dead sexy.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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